Natural laws will never explain Faith 

Let's have a few examples:

  • As fertile female eggs dwindle, females in their 40s will begin the transition from their reproductive years to menopause. Thus, science may not believe in Elizabeth giving birth to John the Baptist at a barren age.
  • In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differs between males and females. Females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. So, only a male can create another male through his Y chromosome. Science does not believe Jesus was born of a single woman; where did the Y chromosome originate and the other set of chromosomes come from?
  • Science wants to trace the age of Adam and Eve, genetically. Is this possible? Yes, but with erroneous assumptions about the status quo in natural laws of evolution. The key is to focus on the original sin. Adam and Eve before the original sin, were not subject to death. Assuming they had DNA, their human cells would not decay with time. But after original sin, their human cell DNA was changed into a corruptible body subject to time and death. Their DNA was changed! So that their cells would accumulate rubbish through time and would decay and die in time. Trying to explain the age of Adam and Eve, is another futile attempt to discredit biblical texts, bluntly ignoring the presence of God in human affairs.
  • God's intervention in miracle cures, wrought by saints, cannot be explained by medical science (as Padre Pio's numerous miracles show). Science chooses to ignore them without explanation. Genetic editing will help resolve deafness or blindness in the future; so, in most miracles, we see genes changing in an instant.   

Why would we then bet our souls on science to explain Faith?

Science, applying natural laws, will always try to nullify anything outside those laws. Is Jesus' resurrection possible after three days? Science says 'no'.

Our sense of time differs from God's. There is no time in God; which means that there is no physical matter either. The Theory of Relativity (1905) proves this old Catholic doctrine. Dilation of time and space was not known before 1905, but still, people did not doubt the doctrine, in faith. Our understanding of natural laws keeps evolving throughout human history. We are subject to the present time. Making a choice against Faith based on our limited present scientific knowledge is a risky choice. When we pass away, science will be irrelevant, but the state of our souls will be most important.

So, does the Catholic Church teach that Adam and Eve are myths? No, it does not. The complete answer can be found at this link

But if you are still thinking you are smarter than believing in anything spiritual, because you read the wrong books, let Beelzebub, an angelic demon, from the Choir of Seraphim, be candid with you (in Mary's grip on March 30, 1976 exorcism):

The "Mystical City of God" books are a reliable source from which to gain knowledge of God's eternal plans... men should bow down [to Mary] before so much humility and dignity. We [demons] fear her. How much more should creatures like you men, filthy muck that you are! You're not worth a red cent! We [demons] were far superior to you men...and how much more so is She [Mary] (he points upward). Some of those educated men, actually those academics, should have been told about this "Mary of Jesus of Agreda" before they joined up with priests in opposition... Catherine Emmerich, this fawning expiator...when she died, all Dulmen [Emmerich's town in Germany] was a sign from Heaven... but men are fools, men are crazy fools. What do men know? They know nothing...they are blockheads, fools to the tips of their toes...Even a block of wood is more intelligent. Here and there, it produces a little green leaf. But men can produce nothing but filth and chaff.

Book: Warnings from the Hereafter to the Contemporary Church: Confessions of Hell, literal text of revelations made by demons during exorcisms by Jean Marty. 


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