Our Modern View of Religion 

Now let's watch our most modern view of reality,

His question: "Why do we experience reality in a temporal way?" His answer: "No one really knows." My answer would be to read Saint Augustine (year 400). The past is just a memory, the present is now, there is no future, just present events experienced by the soul; when the body dies, all we have are events defining the soul. For example, Jesus' Passion is ever-present in heaven; Jesus is the Passion, as there is no time. Events define the soul. A timeless heaven above, a temporary world below.

Saint Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) may further clarify,

And when we say that something which has past and future existence in time does not have a past and future in eternity, we are not asserting that what has a past or future does not exist in any fashion in eternity but simply that it does not exist there in a past or future fashion since it exists there unceasingly in its eternal present fashion.

Book: Anselm of Canterbury: The Major Works by Anselm, St.

Let's watch theoretical physicist Michio Kaku,

From the physics video, we see musical notes as the basis of the universe. Interestingly enough, we know from phenomena #36 that Mary's voice was like music to a Jewish professor, and from Marie Lataste's (1822-1847) dialogues with God that, 

God speaks a language unintelligible to men ; there the soul speaks to God in a language of which it has no longer the intelligence when it has ceased to speak, and which it will only find again in Heaven to possess it for ever. This language is hidden, interior, mysterious ; it is in the form of a song, and yet it is not a song. For this language the sound neither of voice nor of words is needed. The soul instantly understands this language, yet not by a real and reasonable comprehension, but by the sweet and delightful sentiment and impression produced within the soul.

Book: The life of Marie Lataste, lay-sister of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart by Edward Healy Thompson

Physicist Michio then concludes, "Physics at the fundamental level, gets simpler and simpler the deeper we go, but becomes more powerful the deeper we go. The universe is simpler than we thought." From Aquinas' Summa (1250ac), we know that "Hence God cannot be part of a compound...the perfection of divine goodness is found in one simple thing." Knowing that humans are made in the image of God, and musical notes as a form of expression and creation**, one could hypothesize that God created the universe in the image of His simplicity. Replacing 'physics' by 'God' in Michio's statement, we can now say "God, at the fundamental level, gets simpler and simpler the deeper we go, but becomes more powerful the deeper we go. God is simpler than we thought.

But sadly, the simplicity of the Trinity (God) cannot be comprehended by man, in all visions. Man is finite, God is infinite. It would be like a worm trying to understand poetry. Our brains are not capable of fully understanding God, so science will never be able to comprehend and explain God. Let's just say that God is love, and love can't be quantified.

Jesus said to Elizabeth Kindelmann in 1963, "I pour over you the light of the divine mysteries.", and when Elizabeth tried to express these mysteries in words, Jesus said, "Do not try anymore. All would be in vain."

But  joyfully, after this life, we will understand it in proportion; Saint Thomas Aquinas in 1250 clarified,

Nothing hinders our intellect, although finite, being described as proportionate to the vision of the Divine essence; but not to the comprehension thereof, on account of its immensity... since the Divine essence is pure act, it will be possible for it to be the form whereby the intellect understands: and this will be the beatific vision. Hence the Master says (Sent. ii, D, 1) that the union of the body with the soul is an illustration of the blissful union of the spirit with God.

The number 137 has been mystifying physics for more than a century,

Perhaps by contemplating the Trinity and the medal presented to us in Rosario, Argentina (1985), we can infer God's involvement and clearly see why He chose the numbers one, three, and seven.

Let's bring this medal home with all we have learned so far:

"137.035999166..." is the fine-structure constant, a law of nature, and the universe would degenerate with any other constant. If 137 describes the Trinity❶, what is the decimal "35999166..." after 137? Can this be the number of 2/3 angels and 1/3 humans in the Trinity at the end of times? A third is "11,999,722..." This number of human souls in the Trinity is interestingly very close to the number 12, which has biblical connotations❸. The Trinity thus includes 1.2 billion humans (12 times 100 million souls) and 2.4 billion angels❺. Why? Because there have already been at least 40 billion births since the Crucifixion➀. We know 2.5% were saved❻. That's 1 billion souls saved! Adding the souls in limbo (before the Crucifixion❼) and the short future time remaining ("Mary's life has already been revealed in the last age"❽), we are close to the 1.2 billion human souls needed to replace fallen angels❹. How is it going to end? Mary's life has been slowly erased in churches since Vatican II➁. Mary is kept in the background, and Jesus is thus now obscured➂. Unlike first-century Christianity, which was defended by God's justice, at the present age, it's the opposite❾. God can't defend hypocrisy❷. Our Mother's intercession, our only lifeline, forgotten. God will be spat out by most, evil will take over their hearts❿, in a cashless society the Catholic doctrine will be rejected, an anti-Christ mentality will take over➆, self-inhalation by nuclear war ensues➅. Jesus' second coming right after, the end. Our sure salvation: receiving the Eucharist with reverence and confession through the Church with humility➃. Your only friends are God's treasure: His saints➄. The warning signs, clarified and explained by them.

❶ the decimal value is improved scientifically as time passes. It used to be just 137.
❷ Jesus said: "The sword of my severity will go into your body [The Church]; it shall enter at the top of your head and penetrate you so deeply and violently that it can never be drawn out." (S.Bridget,1360)
❸ 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles.
❹ B.Emmerich, S.Bridget, and Book of Revelation (Bible) affirms this.
❺ It's either 12 million, 120 million, 1,200 million or 11,200 million saved.
❻ 2.5% saved, affirmed by saints, videos, and statistics.
❼ "Mystical City of God" describes limbo, not many saved souls: Adam, Abraham, Moses, etc. Probably less than 1 million.
❽ S.Bridget's quote. "Mystical City of God" books. Mary's life from Conception to Coronation, revealed in 1650.
❾ Jesus said: "My Divinity speaks to my Manhood: 'See how they have despised me. All the Christians shall be killed and their faith eradicated.'"(S.Bridget)
❿ When God exits the company of a person, his heart hardens (S.Bridget, 1360).
➀ Approximation, we just had 10 billion births from 1900-2000.
➁ Vatican II chose to follow Mary's life according to the Gospels. In Saint John's Gospel, Mary's name is not even pronounced (at Mary's request).
➂ Father Frederick Faber's quote, 1863.
➃ Jesus has affirmed this through His saints in the last 400 years.
➄ Jesus: "A man trapped among evil people and harshly shackled in captivity."(S.Bridget)
➅ God gave us the power, and humanity will do the dirty work: "One wrongdoer destroys other wrongdoers."; because God promised to never again destroy humanity after Noah's flood (Bible). 
➆ God does not repeat Himself. Most of God's messages have already been revealed to humanity and ignored. Mary's life won't be disclosed again in detail. A blind Faith without knowledge, or action, based on prayer and four Gospels is extraneous to most. Its consequence, judicial law is the new moral law. Unanimously applauded on March 4th, 2024: 

I know some religious, even Catholics would love to censure some information exposed in this site, because it agitates their conscience, exposing cracks in their beliefs, and even because it's taking the limelight away from them. Let Jesus Himself say to them through Saint Gertrude(1298):

If anyone reads it [S.Gertrude's book] through vain curiosity and a desire to pry into My secrets to censure and mock them, I will assurely humble and cast him down shamefully.

Censuring and mocking by ignoring and discrediting messages as hallucinations. The silence gives these people away. We cannot be naive and struggle to inform ourselves with facts to save our souls, because the people who should be exposing these dangers are asleep at the wheel, taking care of themselves by a single commandment: "Reach out your hand and give us money!" (St.Bridget,1360)

** Can an 'expression in heaven' and 'creation on earth' be so fundamentally related?  In the Old Testament (Genesis), we read: "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so."  Simplistically, the expression of musical notes is the creation of musical notes. So, when John the Apostle says: "the Word was God" and "The Word became flesh" in Jesus, we can only conclude that the universe was created through Jesus.