Saint bilocation and levitation 

While in ecstasy, some saints would levitate. My interpretation is that the heart becomes lighter and pushes towards heaven, as Jesus finds His place there. Padre Pio would levitate and bilocate in front of witnesses. Bilocation means being physically present in a different part of the world. Mary of Agreda would bilocate from Spain to America to teach and convert Native Americans. Mary, the mother of Jesus, would bilocate to Spain from Jerusalem to save James the Greater, the apostle, and his followers from being killed in Granada, Spain.
Related to levitation, Blessed Emmerich describes Jesus' walk during His ministry as light and agile in movement. Related to bilocation, Jesus can appear in different places at the same time, satan can only appear in one place at a time. In the "Voices of the Saints" book, 365 saint's lives are described. You'll see these same gifts in most saints throughout history.

Book: The Voices of the Saints: A Year of Readings by Ghezzi, Bert

The gift of prophecy given to Blessed Anne-Maria Taigi is well documented by the Vatican. Saint Thomas Aquinas in 1250 said,

The reason why it is wrong to inquire of the demons concerning the future is because they have no knowledge of it, this knowledge being proper to God. Yet the demons know scientific truths.

There is a strong link between locutions (hearing divine voices) and brain disorders. When locution dictations are taken as divine (not properly studied by the Vatican either) and they are not followed by any other gifts, it is always a source of concern. Auditory hallucinations are associated with psychotic disorders. A brain tumour can trigger a person's sudden 'hyper-religious' behavior, even to the point of believing they hear Mary or Jesus. Two very similar cases are proof, 1st case and 2nd case. Maria Valtorta (1897-1961) wrote religious books through an "interior voice" years after a delinquent youth struck her in the back with an iron bar for no apparent reason. Let's just say that serious head trauma increases the risk of brain tumours and other disorders. So do not take locutions at face value nowadays before a proper MRI and Vatican approval. Religious readings need a proper foundation. If the Pope endorses the book, we can take the book seriously. Otherwise, they are cleverly devised tales based on psychotic disorders. Blessed Emmerich had the stigmata on her body, and thus her visions were more likely divine.

But let Jesus explain the reason these gifts are just a shadow of what is to come and what it all means (Jesus to Saint Bridget, 1360):

Weak flesh would not be capable of seeing them [saints in heaven], and it does not accord with my justice that such great weakness should behold so splendid a sight...If my saints do at times appear [after death], however, it is not in that form of glory in which they truly live [in heaven], but rather in that form in which they can be seen without any confusion of the physical intelligence, with their full power remaining hidden.... As to why I gave the angel a spirit without a body, I answer: I created spirits in the beginning, before times and ages, so that they might rejoice in my goodness and glory according to my will and of their own free choice. Some of them became proud and turned good into evil for themselves,making disordered use of their free will. They fell accordingly, because there was nothing evil in nature or creation except the disorder of self-will. Other spirits chose to remain in humility under me their God; accordingly, they earned a state of everlasting stability, for it is right and just that I, God, who am uncreated spirit and creator and Lord of all things, should have spirits serving me that are more subtle and swift than other creatures.Since it was surely not suitable for me to have my heavenly host diminished, in order to take the place of the fallen angels, I created human beings who, by their free choice and good will, could win that same rank which the angels had abandoned. And so, if they had a soul without a body, they would not be able to win so great a good or to struggle for it. The attainment of eternal glory is the reason why the soul is joined to the body. Hardships also accrue to them so that they might make trial of their power of choice as well as of their weaknesses so as not to grow proud. Likewise, divine justice has also granted them a tearful entry and departure as well as a toilsome life, so that they might desire the glory for which they were created and make amends for their voluntary disobedience.

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